Easy Movie Streaming

We provide simple, quick and Ad Free video hosting service for your website.

EMS will not advertise in your movies. EMS do not use cookies to track your movie usage. The EMS service is completely 'white label' meaning that movies are free of any popups promoting other EMS movies or any other third parties. EMS will not link to your movies, but to help us market our services, we ask you if we can list/promote your movie as an example.

Our service is designed to work on all devices and screen sizes. All submitted movie file formats are accepted.

After login, it's a simple three step process:

  1. Upload your original video;
  2. Choose how long you'd like us to host the movie;
  3. Copy and paste the code <video>...</video> into your website's CMS;

The code will cater for html 5 enabled browsers including smart phones and tablets, or 'old-school' browsers using our Flash player.